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Powering the Modern Connected World with Security Made for People

From our CEO

It’s no secret that the world is changing fast. Accelerated shifts in technology and culture have created new opportunities for forward-thinking businesses who disrupt, deploy, scale and win. These are the innovators, the changemakers, the success stories of tomorrow.

As a trusted partner, Verimatrix is proud to help today’s most innovative companies get to market faster with cloud-based security solutions that protect valuable revenue streams. From media and entertainment to fintech and mobile experiences, Verimatrix protects digital content, applications, and devices with intuitive, friction-free products and services.

But it’s our employees with their can-do spirit who are at the heart of what makes us special. There is no other company that can do what we do the way we do it. Verimatrix is the leader in powering the modern connected world with people-centered security for a reason; we deliver.

It’s exciting to lead a company that gives its customers and partners the confidence to move forward in a disruptive world, enabling amazing innovation to happen, with security made for people. We are thankful to our shareholders, and to all constituents we serve, for believing in us and in our journey.

Amedeo D'Angelo

Amedeo D'Angelo

Chairman and CEO



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