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Shareholders' Corner

Become a shareholder

Verimatrix shares are listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in Compartment B of Euronext (ISIN code: FR0010291245).

Before you can purchase shares, you first need to open a securities account at your bank or with another financial intermediary. If you do so, you will hold your shares in bearer form.

Shares in bearer form are deposited with a financial intermediary in charge of the account management. The shareholder’s identity is not known to Verimatrix, except after a TPI survey (of identifiable bearer shareholders).

There are two other forms of ownership: administered registered and direct registered shares. The shareholder’s identity is known to Verimatrix, which facilitates communication between the company and its shareholders.

Direct registered shares

Shares are held in a securities account in Verimatrix’s books and deposited with BNP Securities Services, which has been entrusted by Verimatrix with managing its share register. Verimatrix supports account management costs. You also get a personalized telephone service and a dedicated website.

You have the opportunity to become a shareholder and register your securities as direct registered shares: a telephone platform is at your disposal to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary documents to open your account and to purchase your securities.

(0826 109 119 (from France) / + 33 1 55 77 40 57 (outside France)

from 8:45am to 6:00pm, every trading days

Administered registered form

Shares are registered on a securities account and deposited with a financial intermediary. The shareholder’s identity is known to Verimatrix but the financial intermediary remains the shareholder’s point of contact.

Administered registered form

You are a shareholder Verimatrix in bearer form and you want to convert your shares to registered form? You simply have to complete the conversion form with few lines and return it to your account keeper:

  • Form for conversion of shares to registered form

To transfer your shares to direct registered form: you have to send a request to your account keeper, stating that the shares are to be delivered to BNP Securities Services, member of Euroclear France No. 30.